Selected Publications

Towards Global Crypto AML Standards (March 2019)

Material developments in crypto regulation! Global AML standards are about to be finalised by the FATF. Regulators and the industry need to walk the last mile (and beyond) together to ensure best outcome. In this short article I recap what happened, clarify why it matters and offer an assessment.

Swiss on a roll to regulate crypto, blockchain space (February 2019)

Swiss Federal Report on Crypto Legal Framework: A Closer Look (Jan 2019)

Why is Switzerland a good place for crypto and blockchain - Policy and Regulation WG Chair Dr. Mattia L. Rattaggi takes a closer look at the Federal Report on Switzerland's legal framework.

The Fintech Transformation – Challenges & Opportunities (Oct 2018)

Happy birthday crypto / blockchain regulation

Assessing FINMA’s ICO Guidelines: Good, but room for improvement (Linkedin, 18 February 2018)

Banking, regulation, fintech: is small beautiful? (Linkedin, 27 October 2017)

The Fintech Transformation, Parts 1 to 8 (Linkedin, 29 September – 6 October 2017)

The Regulatory Reform in Banking 10 Years after the Financial Crisis. Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions, 10, 3, 2017

Financial Risk Models in the Light of the Banking Crisis (2007-08), Journal of Critical Realism, 11.4 October 2012

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