Selected Interviews

Europe-Australia Blockchain Webinar (9 September 2020)

I was delighted to offer a short overview of the Crypto Valley, its Association CVA, the impact of COVID19, the reasons behind the innovation "Crypto Valley", and stress the pivotal role of regulation, as well as point out the priorities going forward.

360-degree conversation with Teeka Tiwari (February 2020)

360-degree conversation with Teeka Tiwari from Legacy Research about my shift from traditional to digital finance, digital vs traditional banks, my views on cryptofinance adoption, role of infrastructure, crypto regulation in various countries, Swiss Crypto valley ecosystem, Crypto Valley association in 2020, central bank digital currency, Stablecoins, Libra, Business opportunities in crypto finance - crypto trading, custody & asset mgt vs tokenization and STOs.

Bringing the Cryptovalley and the CVA to mainstreet in South Korea (July 2019)

Short interview with South Korea's TV Chosun about why Switzerland's Zug is the epicenter of the Cryptovalley and the origin / rationale of the Crypto Valley Association.

Crypto mass-adoption and Crypto Valley (Newspaper Interview, June 2019)

Some fundamental (regulatory) considerations at the last CVSummit19 (March 2019)

Some fundamental (regulatory) considerations at the last CVSummit19 (STO panel) - 27 March 2019

Cryptonation Switzerland

Great 360° interview with Alexander E. Brunner, authoring the first book - Cryptonation Switzerland - about the cryptoasset and blockchain communities in Switzerland, with the aim to leave a testimony about the key individuals engaged in the blockchain and crypto transformation in Switzerland and the Cryptovalley, their visions and enthusiasm, in aggregate explaining why this is all happening in Switzerland and how it all happened.

Assessing crypto regulation (Seoul, 24 April 2018)

My first interview in Korean, ahead of my presentation at the Fintech 2018 (Seoul, South Korea, 24 April 2018), assessing crypto regulation a the G20, EU and Swiss levels.

CryptoValley Association and blockchain (8 February 2018)



Assessing ICO’s practices and ICO2.0

My first interview in Russian, ahead of my presentations at the World Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Summit, in Moscow, assessing ICO’s practices and ICO2.0. 


Implementation and design: The regulatory challenges banks need to resolve. (6 December 2017 in Amsterdam)


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